What is North Star Baltimore?

North Star Baltimore is the official logo of Unified Efforts, Inc.

Designed by TBC, Inc., Baltimore, MD exclusively for Unified Efforts, Inc. (2015)

The North Star is  the brightest star, in Ursa Minor, at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper. The northern axis of the Earth points towards it, and to keep from getting lost the North Star is used in navigation and astronomy. 

The North Star guides our youth and we at Unified Efforts are sure to follow their lead.

Following the North Star - guiding our youth in the right direction

Out of School Time Youth Violence Prevention Center

Our Next Big Thing - A  Youth Center!

With the recent purchased of three city-owned vacant properties, in the Penn-North Community, we are focused on developing a new out of school time youth center.

In doing so, this project will provide a safe out of school time facility for the children, remove blight and stabilize this historic neighborhood.

Additionally, a state of the art youth center that will be an on-site solar energy lab, that will provide community employment opportunities, job training, paid internships, provide opportunities for residents to engage in civic activities and provide peaceable conflict resolution tools.

We need your assistance to make this a reality. Are you in?


Ryze Smallwood

12th Grader at Baltimore's George Washington Carver School of the Arts

volunteered his time with us this summer.



A nonprofit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization

 Donations are tax-deductible

Civic Engagement Program:  Unified Efforts' student, Justin Brooks, with US Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD) at the  2017 Legal Aid of MD/Baltimore's Breakfast:  Justin, a resident of West Baltimore. Through Unified Efforts' program he received a paid internship from Legal Aid of Baltimore, graduated from high school, attended college, working full-time, and is now a Board member with Unified Efforts, Inc. 

anti-Bullying &​


Baltimore, Md  21217

Operates in the Penn-North Community


Unified Efforts, Inc. is a nonprofit and no cost to parents out of school time program for children ages 5-17, operating in Baltimore, MD's historic Penn-North (West Baltimore) Community. 

Since 2012 we have provided after-school bullying and violence prevention programs throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Out of school time is when our children are the most vulnerable when it comes to having too much unsupervised time on their hands.

Our programs and activities are well structured, meaningful and youth-led.

Dedicated to the youth, activities are designed to assist students to reach, and sustain their fullest creative potential, meet their academic responsibilities and find peaceable solutions. 

Partners make us better!

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Ghadir J. Smallwood

UMBC Student

A year round volunteer at UE 

Dr. Elizabeth Alston: Orthodonist,  and a member of Unified Efforts, New Career Paths' Mentor Program: Our students toured the UMD School of Dentistry located downtown Baltimore, MD


L/R Students: Cencere Echols, Chelsea Gilmer

Dr. Elizabeth Alston, Danisha Williams, UMSD-Dental Assistant, and student Dominik Aye.

Internships​ Career Training

And just plain fun!


Olivia Koulish

10th Grader at City College HS

volunteered her time with UE