Do you know where your child is?

Unified Efforts, Inc. understands your concern. We try to help by providing a place for your youth to meet, grow, and be civic-minded people. We engage our youth to participate in clean-up activities throughout West Baltimore. We understand that safe places for our youth is important! Parents - we do understand. We do not charge for the services, activities provided by our generous and faithful donors. Thank you all for supporting our efforts. 

On the front cover 2016 publication


Student Charles Dixon with District Court Judge Wilson. Charles has aspirations of attending law school. We see Charles successfully achieving his goal.

L/R: Dominik, Bo, Angel, Keshauna, Justin & Quiron

"Following the Northstar ... heading our youth in the right direction."
Alternatives to Violence

Community oriented programs for the "total" community.

CREATING is the language of the young.

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Unified Efforts, Inc.

Our programs focus on violence prevention. A sought after peaceable approach, in dealing with conflict, has a proven track record that strongly indicates that in order for K-12 students to be academically successful and develop into civic-minded citizens.

Our print publication gives high-school students a format to have their voices heard, without judgment,  and in doing so, gain some professional experience.                        Marketing, advertising,   sales, writing, research, understanding deadline readiness, brand protection, earn some money and have some fun! When you advertise with us you are, directly, helping our youth in becoming productive adults when they grow up.

 About Unified Efforts, Inc.

Civic Engagement Program at Unified Efforts, Inc. Friends School Baltimore students with Upper School Teacher Mike Paulson participating in Unified Efforts, Inc. Court Watch Program with Executive Director Debbie Ramsey.  "Selfies are forever!"

Our volunteers make "unifying efforts" work! 

This is what real change, for Baltimore, looks like!   
Career explorations! At WBAL-TV Baltimore, MD with Anchor Person Stan Stovall and Unified Efforts students on studio tour.
Friendly greetings.

We want each child to feel at home with us.


Genuine concern.

Every one on our staff will treat your child with respect and appreciation.


Professional service.

Our staff will provide the friendly care your child deserves.