Bullying can be stopped. Violence prevention activities that explain to kids how to resolve conflicts amongst their peers.

​Respect yourself!

                               Respect others!

A Youth Violence Prevention Program

Operating in The Penn-North Community

Baltimore, MD  21217

Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Charitable  Organization

Bullying prevention awareness campaign. Wear your Yellow Nose. Challenge

friends, family, co-workers to do the same!

"Following the Northstar ... heading our youth in the right direction,"
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Bullying hurts everyone

Take the "Unified Efforts' All DayYellow Nose Bullying Prevention Campaign Challenge!"

Here, at Unified Efforts, Inc.

bullying and violence reduction is our

24/7 mission.      


Wear your yellow foam nose to remind everyone that bullying prevention awareness is 24/7. Take the ALL DAY challenge today!