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"Following the Northstar...heading our youth in the right direction."

Northstar Baltimore is the official logo of Unified Efforts, Inc. Baltimore, MD

Out of school time is when our children are the most vulnerable when it comes to having too much unsupervised time on their hands. This is where Unified Efforts-Out of School Time Center comes in. We help students by providing structured and meaningful  activities. 

Unified Efforts, Inc.

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the youth of Baltimore, MD. Our programs are designed to help students reach their fullest creative potential, meet their academic responsibilities and find peaceable solutions.

Unified Efforts' student , Justin Brooks, with US Senator Chris Van Hollen at 2017 Legal Aid of MD/Baltimore's Breakfast:  Justin is now attending college in Baltimore, MD

anti-Bullying &​


Take "The Unified  Efforts' All Day Yellow Nose

​        Bullying Prevention            CampaignChallenge!"

Wear your yellow nose, all day, to help remind everyone that bullying prevention is 24/7 OR challenge anyone to do the same! While at work, school, the office, board meeting, with a client, etc. - you get the picture. Donations $15.00 or more we will send, to you, a yellow foam nose.  Your donations  will help with 24/7 bullying prevention awareness, keep our programs free, and renovate our out of school time
youth violence prevention center. Baltimore, MD.                 

Send your pics to our Facebookpage. You are one click away!     

And just plain fun!

Debbie Ramsey

​Founder &

Executive Director

Unified Efforts, Inc.

Baltimore, MD



Unified Efforts, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Owner of:

IBelongMagazine.com:  Print publication of Unified Efforts, Inc. since 2012

Humble the Bee:  "Bullying Prevention Mascot" of Unified Efforts, Inc. since 2012

Help us build our children an out of school time violence prevention center in PennNorth

We are asking everyone that visits our website to donate $10.00 and then tell a friend to do the same. We CAN DO it!



Make Checks Payable To:

Fusion Partnerships, Inc.

Attention:  Unified Efforts, Inc.

1601 Guilford Avenue

Baltimore, MD  21202

Unified Efforts, Inc. is a program of Fusion Partnerships, Inc. a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization by which all donations are tax deductible.

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"Northstar Baltimore" is the official logo of Unified Efforts, Inc. Baltimore, MD
"following the Northstar ... heading our students in the right direction!"


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